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Mystery Undie | Do You Dare?

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The perfect solution for 'the one who has everything' โ€” our Mystery Undie offers excitement and intrigue, ensuring the perfect surprise gift every time, whether for you or a loved one! ๐Ÿคญ

    do+dare underwear come with a 2 year warranty. If anything goes wrong, we've got you covered.
    do+dare undies ship next business day. We ship worldwide and have different shipping speeds, ranging from just over a week to as fast as tomorrow.
    do+dare proudly gives back 1% of all sales to 1% for the Planet.
    ๐Ÿ“ฆ What's Inside?

    Here's what to expect from our Mystery Undies!

    โ—๐Ÿฉฒ Solid Colors โ€” Any one of our vibrant colors, except white, black, and gray.
    โ— ๐Ÿคฃ Fun โ€” Poop jokes, pop culture, funny references, and more. (suitable for all ages)
    โ— ๐Ÿ’‹ Naughty โ€” Sexual references, naughty jokes, swear words, and beyond.
    โ— ๐ŸŽ„ Christmas โ€” Festive and sometimes naughty Christmas designs.
    โ— ๐ŸŽƒ Halloween โ€” Spooky and Halloween-themed surprises.
    โ— ๐Ÿฅฐ For Partner โ€” A fun surprise for both of you!
    โ— ๐Ÿ’ For Mom โ€” She's going to love it!
    โ— ๐Ÿ‘” For Dad โ€” Surprise him!

    Feel free to tell us a little bit about yourself or your giftee โ€” it will help us create something amazing.

    ๐ŸŒฟ Bamboo Benefits

    A natural wonder material, bamboo is the ideal fabric for your most sensitive areas:

    โ— Ultra Soft โ€” Offering a luxurious feel against your skin.
    โ— Breathableย โ€”ย Keeping you naturally cool and dry all day long.
    โ— Hypoallergenic โ€” Ideal for sensitive skin, reducing the risk of irritation.
    โ— Moisture-Wickingย โ€” Ensuring you stay fresh and comfortable.
    โ— Low Odor + Stain Resistantย โ€” Outlast, perfect for long adventures and long days.
    โ— Eco-friendlyย โ€”ย Aย sustainable, renewable resource, growing quickly without the need for pesticides or fertilizers.

    Ditch plastic fabrics and make the switch to refreshing bamboo for ultimate comfort and sustainability!

    ๐Ÿ Made In USA + Canada

    Did you know 99.5% of underwear are now mass-produced overseas in low-cost countries? do+dare undie co. is committed to local craftsmanship and North American excellence.

    โ— Worth the Cost โ€” Though it costs 3-5x more to make our undies here, we believe the benefits are priceless.

    Graphic showing the costs to manufacture do+dare undies vs. the competition. do+dare undies cost 3-5x more to make, but it's so worth it.

    โ— Better "Ingredients" โ€” Softer. Stronger. Tougher. Invest in quality because do+dare undies outlast the competition.
    โ— Innovation and Quality โ€” Local production allows us to innovate quickly and maintain high quality standards.
    โ— Ethical Production โ€” We stand for equality and human rights, ensure fair wages and safe working conditions for our workers.
    โ— Future Generations โ€” Our future generations rely on the learnings of local craftsmanship, expertise and sustainable practices.

    โ™ป๏ธ Zero-Waste

    We work hard to useย less and do more.

    The Undie Puck
    Your undies will arrive as an Undie Puck. It's our zero-waste packaging idea. Poke it, to open it.

    An undie puck, ready to be poked open, in front of its all paper padded mailer.

    Upcycle Your Old Undies
    Send us your old undies and they'll get a second life as car parts - seriously. And we'll send you dollars towards your purchase.

    ๐Ÿงผ Wash + Care

    do+dare undies areย made in the USA + Canada with the highest quality "ingredients". With a little love, expect them toย outlast the big brands many times overย โ€” keeping their comfort, shape, print quality and vibrant colorsย day after day, wash after wash.

    Wash instructions for do+dare undie co. bamboo underwear. Our undies love heat in the bedroom, but not the wash, so wash on cold and, ideally, hang to dry.

    Our fabrics are so vibrant that we suggest you do the first few washes with like colors.

    โ—ย Fabric: 95% rayon of bamboo (cellulose made from natural bamboo), 5% spandex (Oeko-Tex 100 Certified)

    Textile Manufacturer Identification Number: CA64702

    underwear rolled into a puck in front of a brown paper recyclable mailer mailer with do and dare undie co logo on it
    Mystery Undie | Do You Dare?

    Free Shipping Over $69

    As Seen In

    Story of Fashion Magazine Logo - do+dare was recently featured in Story of Fashion with an article and photoshoot.
    Dragon's Den Logo - do+dare recently completed filming at the Dragon's Den studio in Toronto.
    CHCH Logo - do+dare was featured on CHCH morning live and had the crew in our studio for an undie demo.

    People Are Asking

    They're Expensive โ€” Why?

    Here's why they're worth every penny:

    1. Luxurious Bamboo Comfort: Made from the softest, eco-certified bamboo fabric, our undies offer unparalleled comfort for your most sensitive parts.
    2. Proudly Made in USA + Canada: Even though it costs 3-5x more to make our undies here, we proudly source and craft locally. This means you get the best quality materials and workmanship, ensuring your undies last longer โ€“ making them worth the investment.
    3. Sustainability Commitment: We give back to the planet by donating 1% of every sale to environmental non-profits, supporting a healthier future for all.
    do+dare vs. The Big Brands?

    Here's how do+dare stands out:

    1. Made in USA + Canada: Did you know 99.5% of underwear is mass-produced overseas by big brands chasing dollars? Weโ€™re committed to keeping expertise here, working hard to innovate and support a better future for our kids.
    2. Eco-Bamboo Fabric: Our undies are made from luxuriously soft, breathable bamboo. Itโ€™s more expensive, but itโ€™s healthier and more sustainable than the polyester and cotton blends used by big brands.
    3. Slow Fashion: Better materials and craftsmanship mean your undies will last longer, saving you money and helping the planet in the long run.
    4. Zero-Waste Packaging: Our unique "undie puck" packaging is fun, eco-friendly, and reusable.
    5. Giving Back: We donate 1% of every purchase to environmental non-profits through 1% for the Planet and regularly support local communities.
    How Do I Find My Size?

    Start with our easy-to-use size chart on the website for all the details you need. Still unsure? Our friendly customer support team is here to help! Plus, with our hassle-free warranty and easy exchanges, getting the perfect fit is a breeze.

    Safe For Sensitive Skin?

    Absolutely! Here's why:

    • Bamboo Fabric: Our eco-certified bamboo fabric is hypoallergenic, incredibly soft, and gentle on sensitive skin.
    • Chemical-Free: We avoid harsh chemicals throughout, adhering to OEKO-TEX Standard 100, ensuring our undies are safe for all skin types and ages.
    • Latex-Free: Our undies are completely latex-free, providing an extra layer of comfort and safety for those with sensitivities.

    For those with sensitivities, we strongly recommend washing your undies before wearing them for the first time.

    How durable are they?

    Our undies are built to last, outlasting the competition many times over. Here's why:

    • High-Quality Materials: We use the best eco-certified bamboo fabric and robust stitching techniques, ensuring superior durability compared to other brands.
    • Rigorous Testing: Our undies undergo stringent quality control tests to withstand everyday wear and washing, maintaining their shape and comfort.
    • Customer Feedback: We continually refine our designs based on customer feedback, enhancing durability and comfort.
    • 2-Year Warranty: We stand by the quality of our undies with a 2-year warranty. If anything goes wrong, we've got you covered.
    2-Year Warranty + Returns?

    We want you to love your do+dare undies. Hereโ€™s how we ensure your satisfaction:

    • Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase, we'll make it right, even if that means giving you your money back.
    • 2-Year Warranty: Our undies come with a 2-year warranty. If anything goes wrong, we've got you covered.
    • It's Easy: Reach out and we'll take care of the rest.

    We stand by the quality of our products and aim to ensure you have the best experience with do+dare.

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