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From our founders.

We are passionate about living life to the fullest - daring to smile, laugh, love deeply, and take time to celebrate all of life's special moments.

We believe the world needs more authentic courage and positive action. This ethos is at the heart of do+dare.

We are creating a positive, inclusive + safe space where you can fiercely express your authentic true self in bold hand-crafted underwear that's as daring as you.

So come closer. Connect deeper. Feel empowered in your own skin. And dare to stand out from the inside out.

do+dare undie co. was founded in 2020 (just weeks before Covid) and is headquartered in beautiful Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

-Rob Bourbeau + Sarah Hemingway

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We love working with journalists and members of the media to spread joy and share compelling, authentic stories.

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