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All about Ink'd.

  • Incredible color.

    We use the latest technology to bring you Ink in full high-definition color.

    Your art, photos + text will be vibrant with deep colors and crisp lines.

  • Look + feel great.

    You'll look great rocking some ink'd undies, but what good would that do if they didn't feel great too?

    Fear not because our unique process embeds the inks into the fabric for a paper thin finish - so it won't cramp the fit, or your style.

  • Safe for all your parts.

    Our inks are Eco Passport by Oeko-Tex certified and CPSIA compliant, so they meet the criteria for ecologically responsible manufacturing and are safe for all ages + all your most sensitive parts too!

  • Wash over and over.

    We've built, tested + are continuously improving our in-house production technology.

    Our Inks stand the test of time and can be washed over + over, while still looking great!

Challenge the status quo in underwear designed to make a statement.

Create meaningful moments of confidence, joy, connection + intimacy in your life and the lives of those around you through bold underwear.

Here's just a few reasons why do+dare underwear stands out from the rest.

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