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Cheeky underwear | Custom

Typically for female parts. 💧 Ink'd anywhere you want.

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Color — Fresh white
Sides Ink'd

Your undies are yours! Make them as you wish - any art, any text, on any side!

So go ahead, have more fun with your underwear.


Here's the steps to getting yours!

  1. Buy this undie! (you can always change style + color later)
  2. We'll get in touch asap to start the design process. In the meantime, you can send us pics, references, etc. - they'll help us get a head start.
  3. We'll hand make + ship your undies!

We're fast! All this usually takes less than 72 hours. 💨 (let us know if you need it sooner!)

Note that price is given for ink on 1 side. Each additional side is $3 CAD and, if needed, will be charged only once you're happy with your design.

⚡ Highlights

● Bamboo wicks away sweat, fights odors + keeps your bits cool.
● Show a little cheek with our soft, 4-way stretch fabric.
● Sporty, anti-roll waistband keeps them in place all day.
 Flat, stretchy seams + fully sewn panels for an irritation-free fit that hugs your curves.
 Hand made with care.

🎯 Get the right fit

Size (waist measurements):

● S: 26-27″ / 66-68.5 cm
● M: 28-29″ / 71-73.5 cm
● L: 30.5-32″ / 77.5-81 cm
● XL: 34-36″ / 86.5-91.5 cm

● Sporty fit, with a solid waistband.
● Hugs your curves and shows your cheeks!
● Wide gusset keeps your bits in place.
● Low-rise waistband, 2-3 inches below belly button.

Not so much for:

● Those who want high-waisted undies.

🌿 Bamboo is amazing

🩲 You smile as you slide on your do+dare bamboo underwear, feeling the super-soft + buttery fabric as it moves up your legs and settles into place in your most sensitive and special areas. It's the best feeling in the world...

🥰 You've got underwear with benefits!

Benefits to your bits: 
● Breathable.
● Moisture-wicking.
● Low odor.
● Stain-resistant.

Benefits to the planet:
● Bamboo is a renewable resource, quickly replenished.
● It doesn't require fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals to grow.
● A hectare of bamboo forest can absorb 12 tons of carbon dioxide.
● It produces 30% more oxygen than the same size hardwood forest.
● Bamboo will regenerate naturally without planting again.

● Fabric: 95% bamboo, 5% elastane (Oeko-tex 100 certified)


 do+dare undie co. - garment care symbol - our bamboo underwear should be machine washed in cold water


🌎 Giving back

We are a 1% for the Planet company + a founding member of Give Back Great Lakes, meaning we donate more than 1% of all sales to certified environmental non-profits.

So, you can feel good knowing your purchase is helping to combat fast fashion + make our mother Earth a greener, better place to call home.

logo - do+dare is proud to be a 1% for the Planet business memberlogo - do+dare is proud to be a Give Back Great Lakes founding member 


🚀 Ships tomorrow

We're fast! Your order, including ink'd + custom orders too, will ship the next business day.

With a variety of shipping options, we'll make sure your undies get where they need to quickly.

And, spend $75 to get free expedited shipping! 😁


😊 Happy guarantee

We are so happy you're here! We want you to be happy too, so that you'll tell your friends just how awesome your new undies are.

So, if something's wrong, just reach out to us any way you like. We will do our best to make it right, even if that means giving you your money back. 🙏

Buzz on the street. 😎

People are asking. 💬

How do they fit?

Amazing!! The longer answer is that they're super soft and conform really well to lots of body types!

Our Boxer briefs are just about guaranteed to be a universal hit. Our Boyshort + Cheeky styles are a sportier fit. Click on the links below to learn more.

● Boxer briefs
● Boyshort
● Cheeky

How are they so comfy?

We've scoured the world looking for the best bamboo fabric available. Bamboo has incredible properties that make it the best material for being up close + personal to your most sensitve areas.

What if I don't love them?

Try risk free. We are so happy you're here and it's really important to us that you're happy too, so that you'll tell your friends just how awesome your new undies are.

If anything is wrong, just reach out to us any way you like. We promise do our best to make it right, even if that means giving you your money back. 🙏