🌿 Bamboo is amazing

🩲 You smile as you slide on your do+dare bamboo underwear, feeling the super-soft + buttery fabric as it moves up your legs and settles into place in your most sensitive and special areas. It's the best feeling in the world...

🥰 You've got underwear with benefits!

Benefits to your bits: 
● breathable
● moisture-wicking
● low odor
● stain-resistant

Benefits to the planet:
● bamboo is a renewable resource, quickly replenished
● it doesn't require fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals to grow
● a hectare of bamboo forest can absorb 12 tons of carbon dioxide
● it produces 30% more oxygen than the same size hardwood forest
● bamboo will regenerate naturally without planting again

● Fabric: 95% bamboo, 5% elastane (Oeko-tex 100 certified)