⚡ Highlights | Boxer briefs

🥰 You've got underwear with benefits!

Benefits to your day:
 Highlights your shape — and yes, that one too 🍆, ludicrously soft and stretchy, these undies are VERY sexy!
● Hugs your bits — the 4-way stretch fabric keeps you supported without a baggy pouch for a seductive + supportive fit even during intense activities.
● Keep your bits fresh — our bamboo-based fabric breathes, wicks away sweat, fights odors, is stain-resistant + quick-drying.

 No sensory overload — strategically placed seams eliminate irritation in your most sensitive areas and won't make you look like you're wearing a diaper.
● Go confidently — the sporty, no-roll waistband keeps them in place all day and won't roll, dig in, or ride up.
● As tough as you — unbelievably soft on the inside, super durable on the outside, they'll stand the test of time.
 Support local — designed, engineered + precision made in the USA + Canada.

Benefits to your bits:
● Supported + secure.
● Irritation-free.
● Breathable.
● Moisture-wicking.
● Low odor.
● Stain-resistant.

Benefits to the planet:
● Ditch the plastic - say no to nylon + polyester on your bits!
● Bamboo is a renewable resource, quickly replenished.

● It doesn't require fertilizers, pesticides, or chemicals to grow.
● A hectare of bamboo forest can absorb 12 tons of carbon dioxide.
● It produces 30% more oxygen than the same size hardwood forest.
● Bamboo will regenerate naturally without planting again.