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Spicy | Cheeky

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Typically for Female Parts. 💧 Printed on Front.

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Color – Spice red
do+dare key features

We should all come with warning labels... 🌶️

Get this design on any color, just send us a message - we have lots to choose from! 🌈

Ready to rock the best version of yourself? Show a little tush and a lot of personality with these cute and comfy cheeky undies made from soft, eco-friendly bamboo. Sure to be your new favorite pair, this top-seller hugs your curves in all the right places and is bound to put a bounce in your step morning, noon and night.

Underwear with benefits

do+dare cheeky undies are crafted for those who love a playful twist with ultimate comfort.

Ditch Plastic — Made from natural bamboo, say goodbye to nylon and polyester. Better for your bits, better for the planet.
Fresh All Day — Our bamboo fabric breathes, wicks away sweat, fights odors, and dries quickly, keeping you fresh.
No Irritation — Seamless, fully sewn-down gusset eliminates irritation, keeping your bits happy and comfy.
Move Confidently — 4-way stretch fabric moves with you, providing support and flexibility during any activity.
Highlight Your Shape — Soft and stretchy, these undies enhance your natural curves while staying comfy and sexy.
Secure Fit — The sporty, no-roll waistband stays in place all day, without rolling or digging in.
As Resilient As You — Soft inside, durable outside. These undies are designed to last through every adventure.

Guarantee + returns

Try risk free! We are so happy you're here and it's really important to us that you're happy after your purchase too, so that you'll tell your friends just how awesome your new undies are.

So, if anything is wrong, just reach out to us. We'll do our best to make it right, even if that means giving you your money back.

Care guide

do+dare undies are made in the USA + Canada with the highest quality "ingredients". With a little love, expect them to outlast the big brands many times over — keeping their comfort, shape and vibrant colors day after day, wash after wash.

Wash instructions for do+dare undie co. bamboo underwear. Our undies love heat in the bedroom, but not the wash, so wash on cold and, ideally, hang to dry.

Our fabrics are so vibrant that we suggest you do the first few washes with like colors.

● Fabric: 95% rayon of bamboo (cellulose made from natural bamboo), 5% spandex (Oeko-Tex 100 Certified)

Spicy | Cheeky
Spicy | Cheeky
Spicy | Cheeky
Spicy | Cheeky
Spicy | Cheeky

Bamboo is a wonder material.

And is the premium fabric for underwear and loungewear.

Luxuriously soft + comfortable.

Our bamboo fabric is so incredibly soft - much softer than cotton - it's likely even softer than your current favorite pair of underwear.

And our bamboo fabric includes just a hint of Spandex to help it hug all your curves, contours, and yes, that too. 🍆

Gentle on your bits.

Our bamboo fabric breathes. It wicks away moisture and dries quickly helping your parts stay cool and fresh.

Through real life experience and testing, we've found our bamboo to be stain + odor resistant, keeping you looking and feeling great.

Our bamboo also carries Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification which means that it's been tested for harmful substances and is safe for human health - including up and close to your most sensitive bits.

Renewable + sustainable.

Here's just some of the things that makes bamboo so special.

  • It grows organically in natural soil without the need for any pesticides or chemicals.
  • It grows crazy fast - generally reaching full height in about 8 weeks.
  • It renews itself once harvested, just like your lawn.
  • It can grow on marginal land, and its root structure binds the soil, making it great for reforestation + reducing soil erosion.

Made here, for real.

Not just sold or designed here, actually manufactured here.

It's the right thing to do.

We manufacture as much as possible in the USA and Canada. Here's why:

  • It directly supports our local economies.
  • Workers earn a living wage, have protection of rights + work in safety.
  • We stand for a society with forward thinking human rights + equality.
  • We're able to innovate faster.
  • We want to be able to teach upcoming generations through experience.
  • All the parts of our underwear are better...

Highest quality parts.

Underwear can only be great if it's crafted from the best parts + with expert skill. Each pair of do+dare underwear is made with:

  • The finest eco-certified bamboo - it will hug your curves in luxury day in and out, wash after wash.
  • Our perfectly thick, 7-layer made in the USA waistband maintains its shape + won't roll or bunch up.
  • Canadian thread - durable enough to last, yet with flexible stitching so you can move freely.
  • Love from our female-led team of master seamstresses.

Zero-waste packaging.

The most fun way to get underwear. Meet an undie puck. What am I...?

  • I am underwear.
  • I am held together with a paperclip.
  • I have a coaster tail, joined with an elastic band.
  • I am all curled up tight, in the shape of a hockey puck.
  • I like to play games - tower building, frisbee, hockey, dodgeball, ...

I come undone if you poke me in the middle...

Common questions.

Why should I buy do+dare?

We're so proud of our products + our mission that we could spend all day telling you about why you should give them a go...

But here's three of the best reasons:

  1. All our underwear are made from an eco-certified bamboo fabric - it's incredibly soft + stretchy, and is by far the best material to be touching your most sensitive parts. We've got 16 bold colors to suit your every mood and occasion. Learn more about why we use bamboo here.
  2. Every component of our underwear, and all the labor that goes into them, are from the USA + Canada (our bamboo fabric is the exception - it's the only thing we import because we just can't get it here!). We work with incredible partners to bring you the best underwear you'll ever wear, and everything is crafted by people who are paid a fair wage and treated well. Learn more about our commitment to quality.
  3. Our superpower is being able to personalize any side of the underwear with any art + any text. Customize your underwear and live life fully as you dare to be your true self. Or, do it for someone else and explore the makings of a special moment. Explore custom options here.

And if that's not all, we give back via 1% for the Planet and many more - an inspiring commitment to making the world around us a better place.

How does do+dare compare to the big brands?

We're fans of many of the big brands too, but there's lots of ways do+dare stands out. Here's some of our favorites:

  • We manufacture as much as possible in the USA + Canada.
    → All the big brands make their underwear overseas in low-cost countries, taking advantage of weaker labour laws, environmental standards + protections for worker's rights. Did you know, it costs us 3x more to make underwear locally?
  • We use an eco-certified bamboo (OEKO-TEX Standard 100) fabric for all of our underwear.
    → Most of the big brands use a combination of polyester, cotton and Modal / Tencel (which is usually derived from Beech trees). Bamboo is next level - not only is it one of the most renewable resources on the planet growing quickly + organically, it is luxuriously soft, breathes well, dries quickly, is durable + keeps your parts cool.
  • Higher quality parts.
    → You'll notice the difference the moment you feel our underwear. From the softness of the fabric to the thickness of the band. And you'll continue to notice as you wear them - the fabric won't pill or hole nearly as easily + the band will retain its shape + elasticity far longer.
  • Fun + eco-conscious packaging.
    → We package our undies as an "undie puck" - it's our own 3am invention that is super fun to open + is eco-friendly - nothing but a paperclip, elastic band, drink coaster and your new undies!
  • We care + give back.
    → We donate 1% from every purchase to an environmental non-profit with 1% for the Planet. And we regularly give back to our local communities too.
How do they fit?

Amazing!! The longer answer is that they're super soft, breathe well to stay cool + conform really well to lots of body types.

Our Boxer briefs are just about guaranteed to be a universal hit. Our Boyshort + Cheeky styles are a sportier fit. Click on the links below to learn more.

● Boxer briefs
● Boyshort
● Cheeky

You don't need to take our word for it, though - read the hundreds of positive reviews from customers just like you.

How are they so comfy?

It's all in the details.

Making an incredible pair of underwear is about the sum of all the parts + the skill to bring it all together.


We scoured the world looking for the best bamboo fabric available. Not only is our bamboo super soft, it has incredible properties that make it the best material for being up close + personal to your most sensitve areas.

We use a made in the USA 7-layer, fully woven soft waistband that won't roll, stretch-out or dig in.

Our labels are a smooth natural cotton canvas + the threads that hold everything together are dyed and spun in Canada.


Our network of amazing partners throughout the USA + Canada help us bring it all together into the best underwear you'll ever wear.

We've built our own production process from the ground up. It's this technology that empowers you to express your true authentic self on bold underwear.

Read more about our quality here.

What about print quality? How do they wash?

Our print quality is unmatched, and we continue to push the limits.

It's taken two years of research + development to get to where we're at today. We've developed our own chemistry, our own robot to help with consistency + tuned our process for great prints every time. Learn more about our quality here.

Wash + wear your underwear over and over without worry - your print is there to stay. You can expect similar longevity to a printed t-shirt.

Check out our social media for some of our most recent prints.

What if I don't love them?

Try risk free. We are so happy you're here and it's really important to us that you're happy after your purchase too, so that you'll tell your friends just how awesome your new undies are.

If anything is wrong, just reach out to us any way you like. We promise do our best to make it right, even if that means giving you your money back.

Spice up your Sunday morning.


Our purpose is to empower you to be your true self and help you create meaningful moments of confidence, joy, connection + intimacy in your life and the lives of those around you.

Your feedback says it all.